Have you been searching for the perfect formal baby dress? Need an exceptional baby girl dress for a noteworthy occasion? Looking for a dress for a wedding, Christmas holiday, or first birthday photos? There's no need for a baby girl dresses search once you've found our baby girl dress boutique. We have been styling baby girls and boys too for years for both important events and everyday joy.

What Is The Best Website For Baby Clothes?
It is likely that you are staying close to home right now and shopping online from your home computer or even your phone. At Baby Beau and Belle we bring the elegance of an exclusive baby girl clothes boutique to the ease of online shopping. Shopping for formal baby dresses could not be simpler. Not only will you find the most beautiful and adorable baby girl dresses but you will find a team of online assistants ready to answer any questions. Whether you are wondering about sizing, fabrics, or what a baby should wear to a special occasion, we will help you get the perfect baby girl dresses for your little girl.


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How Do You Dress A Baby Girl?
You dress a baby girl by keeping both style and comfort at the forefront of your mind. We at Baby Beau and Belle carry wonderful formal baby girl dresses that are stunning works of craftsmanship and are. They're hand-sewn in the USA made of the softest and most luxurious cotton and silk fabrics to keep your baby girl wrapped in coziness and comfort. We design and handcraft baby girl dresses that will help your baby girl stay comfy all day in case you are attending a big event.

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The sweet Poppy Dress and Bonnet is a good choice for a baby shower or first birthday party. Your little girl will be comfortable in the gorgeous lacy dress that has a lining of a rich silk dupioni. Silk dupioni is known for its incredible luxuriousness and softness. The lining is framed by embroidered lace in ivory. This baby girl boutique design is the perfect blend of traditional fashion and contemporary style - sweetness and elegance in a lovely combination.

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Why Are All Baby Girl Clothes Pink?
This is kind of a trick question because they do not always have to be pink. The tradition of baby girls wearing pink and boys wearing blue is actually fairly new. It dates back to the 1940s. Before that the colors were often reversed: pink for boys and blue for girls. And even earlier, all babies and young ones wore traditional white and ivory dresses.

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It is definitely time to think outside of the pink box and explore all the other colorful and amazing options available. Our baby girl clothes boutique - Baby Beau and Belle - features many choices especially in white or ivory for a look that will make her shine. For baptisms, christenings, church events a white or ivory is the most popular look. But for her other memorable moments, whether it's for a coming home outfit, first birthday dress or easter gown, other shades of color such as superb shades of pale pink, sea foam, champagne and light blue cab be used. If you're having trouble deciding the right color for your formal baby dress, please reach out to us and we will be sure to help!

victoria christening dress

One example of an off-white boutique baby girl dress is our vintage-inspired Victoria Puff Sleeve Christening Dress that is offered in both a champagne and pale pink option. Both options feature a lining with rich silk Dupioni in a vintage pink champagne or ivory color which enhances the gorgeous embroidered ivory lace that falls over top. This is the type of impeccably stylish dress that will be passed down as a family heirloom for generations. Your wee one will look perfect at any special event or party. It's one of our most popular baby girl dresses and it's easy to see why! 

Our customer Amber S. says: 

"This gown was perfect for my two year old’s Christening. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, we ended up waiting over a year to do her Christening. I am so happy there was this beautiful dress I could buy even though my little one is now walking & I needed a dress that would accommodate her being older."

And these colorful formal baby dresses also have matching shoes in the softest leather to cuddly those adorable little toes. Charming coordinating bonnets are also a crowning touch available at our online baby girl clothes boutique.

You can shop with confidence knowing that we've been helping customers and mommas from all over the world choose the right formal baby dress for their special occasions for over 30 years. If you've any questions about our dresses or formal baby clothes, please message us! We take pride in our service and attention to detail. 

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