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Baby Shower Gifts
A baby shower is a special time to celebrate the happy occasion. It is a super way to help mom and family prepare for the new bundle of joy And what better reason to have a party! Some of the best baby shower gifts are things that the new mom would love to have but wouldn't normally buy for herself or baby. Think of a classy new diaper bag for mom. Or a baby take me home outfit to bring her little pride of joy back home from the hospital. A decorator diaper caddy for the organized baby room -every mother's dream. Or a classic heirloom silver rattle for baby are a few great ideas. Think about a special treasure that can be kept for generations as a keepsake. Traditional and useful baby shower gifts are on trend now and are what you should buy for a new mom.

silver baby rattle

(a silver rattle is a classic and stylish gift)

Baby Shower Gift Ideas
Some fabulous baby shower gifts are gifts sets that include a cozy outfit (cute clothes, hat, and booties) for baby along with a matching blanket, and bunny. Trendy baby gifts are cool gifts made from natural items, all handmade to impeccable standards in the USA.  These include the softest all cotton blankets offered at Baby Beau & Belle in marvelous gift sets. Add personalization like the date of the baby shower to make the gift even more memorable. Another cool all-natural gift that every baby needs is the Bibs pacifier made in Denmark from natural rubber. So much better for the baby than a plastic one and much classier too. Baby will love it and so will the new mom. These items also fit in another part of trendy baby gifts: gifts that are useful and unique. Treating baby to fashionable luxury that will last and be admired. Pairing lovely needed items with style is the key to the best baby gifts. Keep that in mind when making your baby shower gift list. That special silver rattle will be used and treasured for years to come...

baby shower gift sets

(the trendy Bibs Natural Pacifier on the left and the Harrison Newborn Gift Set on the right)

baby shower gift shoes bunny

(The Bunny Buddy Pacifier Holders are cute and useful. The Mary Jane Baby Girl shoes will be a hit with a new mom!)

Baby Shower Gift Etiquette
Baby showers gifts are a fun way to share your love for mom and baby. Party games and cake are definitely a big part of the joy. But if you've ever attended a  baby shower you know that the real focus of the party is the fabulous gifts. Wondering about the baby shower gift etiquette? Curious if you need to bring a present? Or if it is okay to give cash at a baby shower? Yes, you should take a gift to a baby shower or bring a baby shower cash gift. A great gift is always a hit but extra cash does come in handy (babies are expensive) and it is okay to give cash in a lovely card. That said, a personal gift is one more fitting for the occasion. 

Next, you are probably wondering how much you should spend on a baby shower gift. You should spend an amount that works for your personal budget. You should look at how well you know the mom or family as the baby shower gift amount usually increases in line with your relationship. The amount for a coworker baby shower gift would be about $20, but $40 to $50 is more appropriate if friends. For family or close friends you should spend closer to $100-150. One popular budget-friendly option is to go for a group gift. Join in with a few friends or neighbors to buy a special gift set and add personalization for a classic touch. 

lucy newborn gift set

(The Lucy Newborn Gift Set is available in both pink and blue. Includes: Wrap Top, Pants, Booties, Headband, Bunny, Pacifier & Blanket (Personalization Optional))


A baby shower gift that shows you really thought about baby and mom is the best baby gift. Pair a bunny buddy with a pacifier for an adorable and useful gift that would top any baby shower gift list. Bunny's velcro paw will make sure that both bunny and pacifier stay with the baby. Cuddly and cute, both mom and baby will be smiling. Newborn gift sets are perfect for new parents and have everything they'll need when they bring baby home. Another useful baby shower gift is a keepsake bag to keep baby's special new outfits safe for generations to come. Even a mom of two or more probably doesn't have heirloom storage and will love this best baby shower gift. Other super baby shower gifts are gift basket of necessity like baby food samplers or a variety of baby care items like soap and shampoo in a super cute container.

Still not sure what is the best baby shower gifts? Baby Beau & Belle can help you pick out the ultimate stylish and luxurious baby gift that will be the star of the baby shower. Or as an awesome alternative to a cash gift, you can give a gift certificate to Baby Beau & Belle and let the new mom get just what she wants. Other baby shower gifts that will score big with mom are certificates for meal delivery services or how about a certificate for a monthly massage for a year. Every mom wants to be pampered and treated like a queen. 

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