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Your new baby's darling little toes and feet are so cute and will look even cuter in the perfect pair of teeny baby booties.

And nothing makes a baby boy in a dashing suit look like a star than a snazzy pair of wingtip baby dress shoes. Darling baby booties for very little ones or baby dress shoes are a great accent for any special occasion. Whether you want your baby to be the best-dressed baby at a wedding or look simply fabulous at her baptism, put baby's best foot forward with adorable shoes.

baby dress shoes

(Baby Boy Tan Suede Shoes on the left and Blush Mary Janes for Baby Girl on the right)

When Do Babies Start Walking?
There is a lot of variability between children and there is no right answer as each baby is different. However, the average age for a baby to start walking is 12 months. Some little ones start at 9 months while others may not start until 18 months or so. When a baby seems to be trying to stand up and is about to start walking is a great time to get them an awesome pair of leather shoes.

Baby Beau & Belle offer beautiful leather shoes for boys and girls. They are hand made by skilled artisans in Spain. The finest and softest leather is used to create shoes that are soft for your baby's tender little feet.

baby booties

(The Harrison Newborn Baby Booties on the left and the Girls Grace Lace Baby Booties on the right)

What Size Shoe Does A 12 Month Old Baby Wear?
Not to sound silly but the answer should be the size that fits her or his feet. One size does not fit all and there is no magic number. Baby needs the right shoe for her. At Baby Beau & Belle our shoes have numeric sizes but we also use foot length numbers to make things easy. To make sure you get the right size and fit, look at our size chart which lists the foot length. To find the size your baby needs, simply measure the little foot from heel to toe with a tape measure. Take that number to the sizing chart on the website and find the matching size. If baby has a bit of a chubby foot, you should probably move up 1 or 2 sizes. If you have any sizing or other questions our experienced team will be happy to assist you.

Baby booties or baby dress shoes are the perfect finishing touch for baby's baptism, first birthday photos, and any other special occasion. They complete any outfit and make baby look adorable and fashionable. Our little Mary Janes for girls and wingtips for boys are super comfortable, soft, and supportive for baby feet.

baby boy girl dress shoes

(The Baby Boy Ivory Wingtip Shoes on the left and the Ivory Tie Mary Janes on the right.)

How Long Should Babies Wear Soft Soled Shoes
Again, there is no set number but the general guideline is two years of age. Soft-soled shoes protect your baby's feet while allowing for natural foot movement. This helps the baby walk in a healthy manner very similar to how they walk barefoot. The best of both worlds: protection and comfort. And when you add in the beautifully handcrafted shoes from Baby Belle, fashionable and adorable to boot (or is that bootie). We offer several lovely choices for your little one for all his special events and everyday too.

Baby Beau and Belle have been styling babies for important occasions for 30 plus years and we are ready to help you make any event picture perfect. Visit us today for the best in baby footwear including socks, baby booties, and baby dress shoes. Our focus is on baby's comfort with timeless style.

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