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There’s nothing sweeter than the joy of Christmas through a young child’s eyes. The traditions, the gifting, the meals, the stories – each are an important piece of that holiday sparkle. Even those too young to fully grasp the holiday’s meaning can gaze in wonder at the magical twinkling lights. And snuggling with your littlest one in front of the tree? Priceless.
Baby’s first Christmas is an occasion to cherish forever. Finding the perfect keepsake outfit is a snap with Baby Beau and Belle. Our apparel combines nostalgic patterns, luxuriously soft linens and expertly crafted details to create a keepsake that’s so much more than just an outfit. It becomes a treasured heirloom to enjoy for generations.
The only thing more precious than a baby is a baby in a beautiful holiday outfit. The ensemble you choose for your baby’s first Christmas outfit will be immortalized in photographs for years. Baby’s first Christmas outfit will vary depending on their age. Most babies outgrow their 0-3 month outfits rather quickly, so it’s best to size up if they’re approaching this jump. Wondering what to buy for your one month old or 6 month old for their Christmas outfit? No matter their age, opt for soft, breathable fabric with no scratchy labels. Baby’s first Christmas outfit paired with cute ruffle pants or even a suspender suit is the perfect gift for any age under one. Gowns and other easy to add outfits are best.
Baby Christmas Romper
As a rule of thumb it’s best to remember the +1 rule. Dress your baby as you are dressed, plus one layer. This is where adorable matching accessories like booties, hats and blankets can come into play. Leggings, tights and socks are also great additions. Whether they’re one month or one year, layer their outfit with cozy toppers to keep them warm and stylish. Then you can remove layers if the child gets overheated.
Quilted Holiday Bonnet
What type of fabric you choose for baby's first Christmas outfit will help set the tone for the event. Silk and satin are perfect for fancy gatherings, but might not be the best choice for warmth if you will be outside. Velvet is supple and thick with a touch of sheen, making it the perfect choice for festive occasions in colder weather, but it is not always easiest to clean. Cotton is a soft, breathable material that can be worn in a variety of stylish dresses, jumpsuits, rompers or pantsuits. Quilted cotton is slightly thicker than regular cotton and includes delicate stitching details.
Holiday Newborn Booties
Like the fabric, the color you choose will add festivity to the event. Opt for bright reds and olive greens or go neutral with creamy hues accented by gold details. These are perfect for both boys and girls. Each can be worn with a variety of styles and will make your babe the belle of the holiday ball.

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