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photo courtesy of Cambria Hauck. Her twins wore the Grace Christening Gowns

Curious about how to store and care for your little one's precious heirloom baby clothes? The delightful outfits you've purchased from Baby Beau & Belle are treasures to be shared with nieces, cousins, and even-handed down to your baby's baby (awwww, pass the tissues). Here are some simple tips to help properly preserve heirloom baby clothes for future generations. 

Make Sure Clothing is Clean
After your sweetheart wears his adorable boys christening suit or her beautiful baptism gown, it is super important to clean it before putting it away. You'll want to remove any of that "baby stuff" that might have got on it during the big day. But please don't just throw it in the washing machine. The fine silks, cotton, and exquisite lace in heirloom baby clothes need special care to remain looking their best. 

 baby garment bag


Dry Clean or Hand Wash?
Take the marvelous little outfits to a professional dry cleaner who knows how to handle keepsake items. Especially if the outfit is made of silk as wet cleaning, aka water can be very damaging to silk. For cotton items, you can simply hand wash using a mild detergent. Be sure to rinse well. Hang garments to dry and avoid direct sunlight. Baby Beau & Belle's website includes care instructions with product listings and also on the FAQs page. Our team is always happy to answer any cleaning questions as well. 

garment bag

Storing Your Heirloom Baby Clothes
Once you've got the amazing tiny clothing clean, dry, and free from tags or pins, you are ready to carefully store it. Next up is finding the right container or bag. Stay away from moisture trapping plastic bags. Mini luxury garment bags with padded hangers are a perfect solution. 100% cotton muslin bags are an easy and elegant way to preserve your darling heirloom baby clothes. Cotton is a naturally great way to protect your beautiful treasures. Another lovely option is classic ivory gift boxes that will protect your cherished pieces in style.

baby gift boxes

Location, Location, Location
Place your heirloom baby clothes in a closet, shelf, or under a bed to keep them safe. A cool, dry spot is a good choice. This will be super for storing extra treasures like photos from the big event. Label the garment bag or box with important details like the baby's name, date, and location of the christening, etc. Be sure to check on your sweet petite keepsakes every year to be sure they are staying as cute and wonderful as ever. What a good time to remember how cute your baby looked and picture the babies wearing the charming heirloom baby clothes in the future. 

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