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Sea Glass is glass that has been weathered by the ocean water that creates a beautiful frosted glass appearance. It’s most commonly used for jewelry, but it makes a pretty great baby shower idea too! I’ve found many sea glass at many stores, including a local antique shop. I’ve seen the price range from a little to a lot. I recently discovered a very simple way to create the light blue frosted look of sea glass yourself… and it is so easy! Plus, I only had to purchase three items to create this look.
  1. Glass Jar or Vase – I used a glass kerr jar. I love the vintage look of the jar, plus it’s inexpensive to purchase multiple jars so it would be a great option if you wanted to make many of these jars for an event.
  2. Martha Stewart Glass Paint in “Frost” – I found this at our local craft store. This is the perfect shade of light blue to mimic the frosted glass look.
  3. Paintbrush – I used a flat head brush that was 1/2 inch wide.How to Create
  4. First thing, make sure your glass jar is thoroughly rinsed and dried. This helps ensure the paint will adhere well to the glass and last long. Next, paint the jar with a thin layer of the glass paint. Very important – apply the brush strokes in one direction. Now, let the first layer of paint dry. Once dry, apply a second thin layer. Apply a second thin layer of paint. This time, apply your brush strokes in the opposite direction. This will help create the subtle grainy texture of the sea glass. Let your jar dry, and that’s it!

    Add a small bundle of flowers, or use the jar for small candles.

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