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The holidays are full of magic, and enjoying them with your baby makes them even more magical. As you prepare for baby's first Christmas 2019, you’ll want to consider your baby’s needs and your desire to capture precious memories. This festive season is the perfect time to capture priceless portraits and record memories that your entire family will cherish as your little one grows. These tips will help you in making treasured memories with your little bundle.
babys first christmas outfit
Choose the Right Baby’s First Christmas Outfit
Your baby may not remember their first Christmas, but you'll be capturing hundreds of images that will live on through social media and photo albums for decades. You'll want the perfect baby's first Christmas outfit to help your little one look their best. Choose an adorable neutral romper with festive colors of the season, such as this one from Baby Beau & Belle, and add a festive bonnet or booties to complete the look. For those holiday portraits, a lace gown like this silver one or a neutral boy's jumpsuit with newsboy style hat will let your baby's adorable look shine through in the images.
As you shop, picture your baby in the beautiful outfit you choose as Christmas morning dawns bright. The photos you capture next to the lit tree and the look of wonder on your little one's face at the lights will make all of your preparation worthwhile.
babys first christmas shoes booties
Commemorate the Occasion with a Baby’s First Christmas Ornament
Once the outfit's been chosen, the next step is to choose your baby's first Christmas ornament. Choose something that reflects your sense of style and includes the date, so you can always remember this important milestone together.
Baby's first Christmas 2019 ornaments are more than just something you'll enjoy for this year. These become treasured keepsakes that your child will look back on fondly, long after this important holiday is passed. For the first few years, you'll hang it while your baby watches, but soon your little one will take over the task. As you hang the ornament on the tree, you can recall all of the special moments of your first Christmas with your baby by your side.
planning babys first christmas
 photo courtesy of @happilyeverallen
Schedule a Photo Shoot
Your baby's first Christmas is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You're probably going to be busy capturing every moment with your camera, but don't forget to plan a professional photo shoot. With the help of a pro, you don't have to stress about getting your baby to look at you and snap the photo at the same time. You can even be in some of the portraits to capture your love as a family. These photos make great gifts and become treasured memories, and you'll have the confidence that you will finish the Christmas season with breathtaking images of your little one in that adorable baby's first Christmas outfit you chose.
Give a Christmas Gift from Baby
Your infant isn’t going to remember the gifts you buy this Christmas. Instead of spoiling your little one with things they don’t quite need, consider showering baby’s loved ones instead. Give mom, dad, or grandparents a Christmas gift from baby. A framed portrait, ornament with baby’s hand print, or plaque with baby’s footprint on it all make excellent gifts. They also help capture just how tiny your little one is on their first holiday. The recipient's face will light up when they open this treasure on Christmas morning.
baby girl christmas bonnet
Manage Expectations
As a new parent, it’s easy to approach the holidays with high expectations. You want beautiful memories of your new, growing family. Remember as you plan that your baby is not going to remember this holiday, and sometimes the extra stimulation is hard on little ones. Work your plans around your baby's schedule, and you'll have a better chance of enjoying the holiday with happy baby on your lap.
As you consider managing expectations, consider the expectations of your family members. Some of them may need a gentle reminder that a happy baby is one that has naps and a feeding schedule.
As a new parent, preparing for baby's first Christmas in 2019 is a special time. With a little bit of thought and planning ahead, you can enjoy the wonder of the season. Take some time to capture fleeting memories of your tiny baby’s first holiday season.
Cover photo courtesy of @happilyeverallen

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