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Have you been designated as the official hostess for your best friend’s baby shower? Wonderful! Baby showers are such an exciting way to celebrate the little one arriving soon. It’s also all about showering the mom-to-be with love, support and helpful words of wisdom from her family and close friends. There is a lot to plan for a Baby Shower in the beginning, so we’ve done our best to share a few suggestions, as well as a free printable checklist to help stay on track.
Take a look at the items we’ve added to our Baby Shower Planning Checklist to get an idea for the tasks ahead. First, I would suggest working on a guest list and finding a date that works best for most to attend. It’s wise to consult with the mom-to-be on these details. She will know best if there are conflicting dates for her or her guests (you don’t want to choose a weekend the Grandma-to-be is out of town!). She can also make sure you’ve added everyone to the guest list that she wants in attendance. For instance, she might have some work friends you didn’t think to invite, so better double check with her.
Once you’ve set a date and have an estimate for how many invites are going out, you can choose the location. Most often, baby showers take place at home, but there are other options. I’ve attended wonderful baby showers at a restaurant or local park. In my experience, most moms prefer to be in a relaxed, homey environment though, so I’m partial to having it at home. Again, might want to double check with the mom to see if she has a preference.
As always, Pinterest seems to be the best place to find ideas. From the color scheme and decor to desserts and games to play. It’s almost overwhelming all the ideas you find! Do you know the gender of the baby? Knowing whether the shower is for a girl, boy or gender neutral will help narrow down your options. For inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest board, Baby Shower Inspiration.
Etiquette says invites for a baby shower should be sent 3 weeks prior to the event. If your event includes out of town guests, send them out 4-5 weeks prior to allow more time to schedule. If the mom is registered somewhere, be sure to include the store and registry name on the invite for guests.

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