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In honor of the first few weeks of Summer, we’re sharing a series of inspiring photos taken by Andrea Finnegan, a photographer and mother of three young children. Andrea, who resides with her family in Southern Conneticut, photographed her youngest child, Emmaline, at the beach wearing our Petite Fleur Sky Sundress Set. A dress that was designed with long summer days, garden parties and warm breezes in mind, it was the perfect outfit for an ocean side photo shoot! When we first saw the photos Andrea had taken of her daughter, we were amazed. We immediately fell in love with the way she used the light of the evening sun, surrounding Emmaline in a warm glow. The photos are magical!
Can you tell us about the evening you spent at the beach with Emmaline?
“Emmaline and I enjoyed a beautiful picnic dinner at the beach with Daddy, her brothers and Grandma “Sassafras”. After some chicken and penne, my boys enjoyed playing out their remaining energy on the beach playground before bath and bedtime. While my boys played, Emmaline and I spent some mother-daughter time walking along the beach. There is an old washed up tree along the shore that I love. Its branches are still intact and its surface is so smooth and white from the beatings of the waves that washed it to shore. I played with Emmaline here and shot these photos while playing her favorite game of “peek-a-boo”.”

Each photo Andrea took is truly unique. Not only are they full of light, they’re full of Emmaline’s sweet expressions of happiness and curiosity. In particular, we love the photo of Emmaline from behind with the vibrant blue water on the horizon, picking up on the sky blue tones in the Petite Fleur Dress.

From a photographer’s perspective, when is the best time of day to capture photos of your children outside?

“The best time to step outside to take photographs of your little one is earlier in the morning or late in the date (an hour before the sun sets is my favorite). When the sun’s direction is low, it creates a nice luminous glow around your child. It can be whimsical!”

Where do you envision Emmaline wearing her Sun Dress this Summer?

“I really like the softness and simplicity of this beautiful sun dress. It’s colors were perfect for a beach photo shoot! It’s perfect for a summer part, birthday, photo shoot, or even a casual Sunday picnic, such as ours.

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