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We first saw Laura Noel Photography when she shared a precious photo of a little one in our Avery Layette Gown. The photo was so incredibly beautiful, we had to learn more about her! Laura was kind enough to share with us what inspires her and about her style of photography. Specializing in maternity, newborn and child photography, Laura has been working as a photographer for seven years . She is a natural light photographer and loves taking photos outside, especially in the last few hours of the day when the sun is low and creates a warm golden light. Not only are her photos full of light, they exude love, her passion for photography and attention to detail. 
What inspires you as a photographer?
Life in general.  I have always enjoyed capturing life’s little moments with my lens.  It’s so special to be able to look back at old photos and remember treasured times with family and friends.
I noticed a lot of your photos are taken outdoors. Can you describe your favorite setting for taking pictures outside?
I’m a natural light photographer, so my favorite areas to shoot are beautifully lit ones.  This usually comes down to more the time of day rather than location.  I love to shoot during the last 1-2 hours of daylight.  The golden light during the end of day makes everyone look their best.  That being said, I love holding photo sessions in areas with tall grasses or in the woods near nature trails.
Do you have any suggestions for parents who are planning to schedule newborn photos with a professional photographer. A certain time of day or something they should bring with them to the photo session?
My best advice is that it is never too early to start looking into newborn photographers.  Photographers all have their own personal style.  You will want to choose one that tends to capture images you are personally drawn to.  You will never regret having invested the time into finding the right photographer for you.  Newborn sessions typically take place when the child is around 5-10 days old.  It may sound early, but this is when many of the cute little poses are achieved because the baby is so sleepy and still has that newborn curl form being snuggled up tight in Mommy’s belly.  The window of time is quite small making it smart to contact a photographer sooner rather than later to check availability.  You will be happy to have it all lined up, and be able to just focus on your new baby’s arrival.  I schedule newborn sessions for the morning.  Newborns are generally happier and easier to be soothed in the morning.
Things to remember to bring to your session:
1.)    2 Swaddling blankets & burp cloths
2.)    Extra bottle of milk
3.)    Diapers and wipes
4.)    Pacifier. Even if your new baby doesn’t use one, a pacifier can be used sparingly for soothing the baby between posing changes.
5.)    Specialty items. I encourage Parent’s to bring something special and sentimental that they might want to incorporate into their images.  The parents of the little girl in these images had requested that I photograph her in her Baby Beau & Belle Avery Gown.  She looked absolutely precious in it, and I was thrilled to incorporate it into her photo session.  Certainly don’t feel pressure to bring lots of props and outfits for a newborn session.  It’s better to bring one or two very special items.  Keep in mind that newborn photographers have plenty of beautiful things to use during the photo session.  Speaking for myself, I always have stylized ideas ready to choose from when my client arrives.
6.)    Reading Material. Newborn babies need lots of snuggling and snack breaks so a session can sometimes last up to 3 – 4 hours.  You may want to bring a magazine or even finish up those baby shower thank-you notes during parts of the session.
What do you enjoy about newborn photography?
It’s a combination of things.  I enjoy the serenity of it.  Once that little one snuggles into a deep slumber, it’s so calming to watch them sleep as I work.  The parents are a big part of it too.  It never gets old seeing parents swoon over their new baby while I position them into all the cute little poses.  The proud look that overwhelms their faces as they gaze at the new life they just created is always so touching, and brings back the memory of my own children being that small.  I’m so thankful that I can help preserve that special and small window of time when their little one is as little as he or she will ever be.
What five words would you use to describe yourself as a photographer?

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