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A day that parents always remember is the day they bring their new baby home from the hospital. Since this is such a special time, it’s traditional to find a very special outfit for the baby to wear home, often known as a take-me-home outfit. This outfit then becomes a keepsake item to pass on to your children once they’re older.
Jessica,  author of the blog “The Newly”, is expecting her second child in just a few short weeks. Last week, she talked about the special outfit she will be bringing her new baby girl home from the hospital in.  Here’s a snippet from Jessica’s post, Bringing Home Baby:
“Caleb was able to wear an outfit that belonged to his Daddy, which B wore home from the hospital 28 years ago. It was a sentimental moment indeed  to see our son in an outfit that his very own Daddy wore so many years ago, when we was just an infant himself. We will be holding on to that outfit, for either future baby boys of our own, or to pass down one day to our grandchildren. I wanted to continue that same tradition for my daughter; however, my mom has not been able to locate any of my baby clothing that would be appropriate for a coming home outfit. So I have begun looking for a classic coming home outfit that my sweet Vivi can wear home, and which can then one day be passed on to a baby girl of her own.” – Jessica
We were so touched reading about how Jessica’s son wore the same outfit her husband came home from the hospital in, and were also excited to here how her daughter’s outfit will become a keepsake item too.

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