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Do you have a brand new baby or one coming soon? Trying to find the perfect heirloom christening gown? Do you have questions like whether baptism outfits have to be white or what a baby boy should wear for a Catholic baptism? Baby Beau & Belle will help you find the loveliest christening outfits and heirloom gowns for your little boy or girl. Here's what you need to know to get the best-dressed baby ready for the big event.

heirloom christening gown

Heirloom Gowns as Treasured Keepsakes
A special baptism or christening day becomes a part of family history when your baby is wearing a treasured piece. There is nothing better than a beautiful lace christening outfit or heirloom gowns that is passed down through the generations. Why buy a little dress that will be used once when you can get lovely and stylish heirloom gowns that can be shared throughout the family. 

Traditionally white has been the color of an infant’s christening attire. That said, nowadays, many parents are now opting for ivories and pastels in addition to white. At Baby Beau & Belle, we've designed a variety of styles, from white to creams to pastels to suit your taste. 

modern boy christening outfit

Modern Boy Christening Outfits
What should a boy wear to a baptism? While there are places that offer white baby dresses for girls, it can be difficult to find a striking modern boys christening outfit. Whether you choose an adorable jumper, dress, or suit, your boy will look dashing on his big day. And he will feel great too. You can also choose a gown/romper combination for your active little one. What your baby boy wears will come down to your taste. More traditional families will opt for a neutral layette gown for their boy while others prefer a modern boy christening suit. 

Heritage Heirloom Gowns For Girls
Lace christening gowns and bonnets will make your little girl look like a living doll. Luxury silk and cotton linings accent stunning lace overlays for a picture perfect special day. 

heirloom christening gown baby beau and belle

The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Heirloom gowns are the perfect gift for your new grandchild. A luxurious gown that will wrap him or her with your love. Baby Beau & Belle uses premium fabric to create outfits that are super soft and comfortable on tender skin and very stylish. Beautiful clothing made of lovely lace, silk, cotton, and linen. Designed to comfort baby while making her or him look amazing. Your gift will be passed down through generations as a cherished keepsake. Imagine all the lovely christening photos showcasing your wonderful gift.

baby girl shoes

Baby Beau & Belle clothing is stylish and super comfy and cozy for your sweet little one. Accessories like hats and shoes will complete his outfit and make him shine.  You can also find garment bags to preserve the clothing for the next lucky child in the family.  

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