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Some of the first photographs taken for Baby Beau & Belle were originally shot in black and white and then tinted (colored) by hand to bring a beautiful look only available when taking the time to hand color each detail. Photographed by Aimee Porter and hand colored by Alice Williams whose work has been published in magazines and on greeting cards and calendars. Some of the pictures are of collections that we still carry today such as the Caroline girls Christening Gown as pictured below!
People have been hand coloring photographs for over a hundred years. The technique came about because people were more comfortable seeing themselves in photographs that were hand colored which softened the rough look of the earlier daguerreotype. Painters were employed to turn a harsh photograph into a work of art by adding color to the cheeks, eyes and hair.
Alice says “Using a fiber-based paper I apply oils with facial tissue. I dislike the feel of cotton and like the results and greater control I achieve using this method. I believe that the magic happens in hand-tinting when three colors are next to each other; until there are three colors working together I know my picture hasn’t reached full potential. This is especially true with the details in the photograph, such as flowers, leaves, clothing patterns, etc…”
Fast forward a few years and Alice along with her daughters Aimee and Jenny have collaborated together and are releasing a book called Welcome to the World. “We each took photos and then collaborated on the design and layout of the pages. Some of these beautiful babies are from our family or are children of friends, and some are darling little ones who just happened to cross our path.  We checked with lots of mothers and fathers, some making up non-traditional families, to come up with this book.”
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