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Meet Grayson! This handsome little guy had a special celebration last year when his family celebrated his first birthday and Baptism on the same day! For his celebration, he wore the soft Elijah Quilted Suit, along with the matching Elijah Newsboy Cap. His grandma, Mel, was kind to share a few photos from Grayson's photo session to capture these milestone events. She also answered questions we had about her grandson's outfit and planning his celebration.

What did you like about the Elijah suit?
Best thing about the outfit is it's soft and comfortable in any weather. It's no the usual style that I have seen. My grandson looked so dapper in it.
Before you started looking for an outfit, did you already have a design or color in mind that you wanted?
White was preferred from the get go.
What do you plan to do with Grayson's outfit now that the event is over?
Haven't decided yet, but it it was up to me I would have him wear a few more times, mix it up with a different color undershirt maybe, then retire it to a shadowbox until the next grand baby comes along.
How far in advance did you start planning your event?
3 months ahead.
What were the first steps you took
Took a Baptism class.
Was there a theme to your event/decor?
Birthday theme with balloons and fun stuff.
How many family & friends celebrated with you?
About 60.
Do you have any suggestions for other parents as they start planning their little one's special event?
Not to sweat it too much. Keep it simple.
Looking back, was there a favorite moment from the day?
Huge smile and how handsome my grand-baby is in his outfit!

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  • Debbie A McCane

    I absolutely love the suit Grayson is wearing. I’d like to order it for my 8th month old little boy named Million

  • Debbie A McCane

    I absolutely love tge suit Grayson is wearing. I’d like to order it for my 8th month old little boy named Million