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Though it is not compulsory to bring a gift to a baby blessing ceremony, it is an endearing tradition. Among popular gift choices are children’s bibles and Willow Tree Angels. When parents welcome it, it isn’t uncommon for godparents, aunties, uncles, and grandparents to go the extra mile with an LDS Baptism dress as a gift. 

lola christening gown

(The Lola Christening Gown is a popular option for an LDS Baby Blessing Ceremony)

baby boy blessing suit

(The Elijah Newborn 3-Piece Suit is a popular option for baby boy blessing suits)

What Is A Blessing Ceremony? 

Blessing ceremonies are practices of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the LDS Church. They are non-saving ordinances performed days or weeks after a child’s birth. During the blessing ceremony, the infant will be expected to wear a baby blessing gown, which is similar to a christening gown. 

The LDS baby blessing is an alternative to the traditional christening, allowing faithful from various religious beliefs to fulfill their need for a spiritual welcoming of their newborn child. Typically, parents or grandparents will be asked to read chosen blessings for the infant during the ceremony. 

tess baby blessing

(Tess is wearing the Lola Christening Gown for her LDS Baby Blessing. Photos courtesy of Jamie Erickson.)

How To Give A Good LDS Baby Blessing 

A good LDS baby blessing can be held anywhere of spiritual significance to the infant's parents to be blessed. If the weather permits it, you should think of hosting your baby blessing outside, where the natural radiance of the sun is likely to bounce off the white of your baby blessing gown stunningly. Aside from making for endearing photos, it will also make the guests feel more at ease. 

A baby blessing ceremony should be kept brief; the symbolism should be allowed to speak for itself. Make sure to wrap up your ceremony in under 40 minutes.

tess baby blessing ceremony
( Photos courtesy of Jamie Erickson. Her daughter Tess looked gorgeous in her LDS baby blessing gown.)

LDS Baby Blessing At Home

It is perfectly acceptable to host your baby blessing ceremony in the comfort of your own home. As long as your little one has their LDS Baptism Dress, a short bible reading has been selected, and your loved ones have chosen their words of blessing, the ceremony can take place. Home blessing ceremonies can be incredibly practical for mothers and newborns, who are in their safest environment. They can quickly retreat for nap time at any point before or after the ceremony. 

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