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Your little new baby is getting their first real photo shoot! You've already taken lots of photos of the little one but now it is time to let the professionals work their magic. Of course, you need to find the cutest newborn boy clothes or newborn baby girl clothes for the big day. And remember comfortable baby clothes are a definite must as you want your baby to be smiley for those photos. 

newborn romper

(photo courtesy of @jackie_welling. Genevieve is wearing the Olivia Linen Romper)

How Should I Dress My Baby For A Photo Shoot?
Getting prepared for your newborn baby's first photo shoot should be fun but can be a bit daunting. You want to find the perfect newborn boy outfits or newborn baby girl clothes for your little bay to wear. Wondering how do you prepare a baby for a photoshoot? The two big things to keep in mind are comfort and fashion. A comfy baby is a happy baby. And a happy baby in an adorable first picture outfit makes for a happy mom too.

miles newborn suit

(photo courtesy of  @alexandrarodriguez__.  Gianluca is wearing the Miles Natural Suit plus Vest and Newsboy hat)

Curious about how to choose your baby's first outfit? The knowledgeable folks at Baby Beau & Belle make choosing baby clothes for the first picture photo shoot as easy as possible. Our newborn boy clothes are made of the softest materials to make baby cozy. And they are designed with fashion in mind to make your guy look his best. Light or neutral colors are best for newborn photos and we have plenty of these baby clothes on our site.

liam baby boy suit

(pictured is the Liam Baby Boy Suit)

How To Schedule Newborn Photos?
You'll want to give yourself and your newborn baby some time to recover before the big photo shoot. It is recommended that the newborn photo shoot be done between 1 and 2 weeks after your baby is born. This lets everybody feel good and makes sure you don't miss that special brand new baby look. 

baby bonnet madeline

(pictured is the Madeline Baby Bonnet, from our handmade baby bonnet collection)

-What do I need for newborn photo shoot?
In addition to the newborn boy clothes, don't forget a blanket to keep him warm and a darling hat and teeny shoes to complete the outfit. A cute bunny and a pacifier will help keep him entertained and comforted too.

-Do you tip a newborn photographer?
Tipping isn't mandatory so no, you do not need to tip your newborn photographer. It is good to tag the photographer when you share the photos on social media and post positive reviews on their page or website.

-What should you wear to a photo shoot?
Parents should wear nice classic outfits for the photo shoot. Avoid dark clothing or fussy outfits. You'll want to look as great as baby and be as comfy as he is too.

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