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It’s absolutely amazing how fast babies grow! One day they are fitting an outfit comfortably, and a few days later, it’s too snug! When looking for Designer Baby Clothes, it’s often hard to determine what size will be best for your little one since they are constantly growing. You want the items to fit well, but also want to make sure there’s a little room for growth so they can wear their special outfit more than once. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an outfit they could wear multiple times, from infant age into their toddler years?
With our Clementine Collection, we introduced a new, unique design to our collections. A dress that can be worn again and again as your little one grows. This is how it works … With the Clementine Lace Dress, we’ve included extra length for the straps of the dress that can be re-sewn into a longer length. As she grows, simply adjust the straps to the perfect length. Once she has outgrown the length of the straps and it no longer works as a dress, she can wear the dress as a skirt instead! The elastic waist make for an easy, adjustable fit.
The two darling girls wearing our Clementine Dress show how the 18-24mo dress can be worn at different ages. The smaller girl is 3 years old and is wearing the dress with elongated straps. The oldest girl is 6 and shows how it can be worn as a skirt. A wonderful heirloom design she can wear over and over!

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