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Bringing home a newborn baby is one of life’s most memorable moments. It is such a joyous and special occasion that it calls for a very special outfit. Especially since the take-me-home outfit is often cherished as a keepsake item. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the first outfit your new baby will wear home. Hands down, it is most important to choose an outfit that is soft and comfortable on their skin, so be sure to think about the materials used to make the outfit. You certainly do not want to put your new baby in an outfit that irritates their skin and makes them fussy. Be sure to choose something that is a simple design, easy to put on and take off. Also, be sure to choose their outfit well before baby arrives. It’s ideal to have the take-me-home outfit in hand at least 4-5 weeks before your due date so it’s ready to go at a moments notice. Then you will not be stressed if your baby decides to arrive ahead of schedule.
Avery Newborn Collection
The Avery Newborn Layette is one of the newest outfits from our Newborn Girl Collections and it has quickly become a popular option for a take-me-home! Like most of our newborn collections, the Avery  is 100% cotton, including the lace details, so there is no need to worry about scratchy materials upsetting a newborn’s sensitive skin. She will be very content in the super soft layette as she makes her trip home. The design of the Avery Layette is especially perfect for a newborn baby. There is a button detail on each shoulder of the layette, so it will be very quick and simply to place it over her head without having to push and pull her little arms through. Plus, the open bottom makes frequent diaper changes easy and stress free for the baby (and you!).  The length of the skirt will fall well past her feet, keeping her tiny legs covered and warm.
Keeping Her Warm
When newborn babies are born, their bodies are not very proficient at regulating their body temperature quite yet, so it’s important to bring the appropriate layers with you to the hospital. It’s especially important to have something to keep their head warm since they tend to loose heat quickly through their head. The Avery Headband is certainly a cute site to see on a newborn baby, but it’s not the most sensible design to keep a newborns head warm. It’s definitely nice to have the headband on hand for a quick photo opt, but then you can change her into the Avery Cotton Bonnet as a warmer layer. The bonnet is carefully handmade with the softest pink combed cotton and detailed with cotton lace.
The cooler fall and winter season calls for extra layers to have on hand. The Avery Jacket will be the perfect compliment to her layette and bonnet. Also, make sure a blanket is on your checklist for items to bring with you to the hospital. Most hospitals do not provide blankets to take home, so don’t forget the matching Avery Receiving Blanket to complete her take-me-home set.
Displaying your Take-Me-Home
A baby’s take me home outfits is often one of those special outfits you hold onto. Maybe you’ll use the same outfit for your next child or keep it to pass onto your children after they’re all grown up. Instead of tucking it away in storage, display their outfit in a special place. It looks particular cute to have the outfit displayed in their nursery. You’ll see it often and be reminded of that special time when they were so small and new to the world.
Stay tuned – we’ll be showing a few of our favorite ways to showcase your special outfits at home.

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