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Is there anything better than the feel of a newborn baby in your arms? No, unless it is knowing that sweet baby boy is cozy in his adorable new boys take me home outfit. Your little boy or grandbaby should have super soft, cuddly, and cute clothes for his first big outing. Baby Beau & Belle has just what you need to make him comfy and look angelic in all your photos documenting the special day.

What Do Newborns Wear in the Summer
Fabrics that breathe and allow air to flow around your baby boy's body are the perfect solution for newborn boys coming home ensembles. Cotton, linen, and natural fibers are gentle and cool for baby. Soft french cotton terry or extra-soft Pima cotton is a great choice for summer outfits. Babies tend to lose heat so it's always important to wrap baby properly and make sure you've booties and blankets around in case of air conditioning.

boys take me home options

How to Dress Baby in Summer Night
A cute little kimono top and pants from terry cotton is an ideal outfit for boys take me home. Or pick an adjustable baby blue layette gown, you can leave it open or tuck baby in depending on the temperature. Even when it is hot, don't forget little booties and teeny little hats for your wee one toes and adorable little head.  

newborn gift set aiden
(a few items from our Aiden collection and the Newborn Gift Set)


Perfect Newborn Gift Sets
Looking for a great gift for the new mother and baby? A fun and very useful present is a newborn gift set with everything the new mama and baby in your life need for their big trip home. Baby Beau & Belle's Aiden gift set matches the Aiden layette and comes with a cotton knot cap, blanket, and booties to keep him comfy. It also includes a wooden teether ring and a pacifier to help him feel comforted. It even includes an adorable bunny for him to cuddle. It is packaged in a lovely gift box for easy gift-giving. What a thoughtful gift that will help make both baby and mom happy.

boys take me home gift set

(the Aiden Newborn Collection)

Comfortable, Cozy, and Cute
All Baby Beau & Belle's products and fabrics are designed specially to comfort your newborn and make him feel safe as he is traveling home for the first time. All of our boys take me home outfits are handmade in the USA using only the softest fabrics chosen for comfort. We are happy to help make your big day one that's even more special. Please let us know if you've any questions regarding sizing or availability - we're happy to help! 

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