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Shopping for a newborn Christmas outfit? Looking for newborn baby gift ideas for parents? Scrambling to figure out what to you get a newborn for Christmas? The Baby's First Christmas Outfit Collection at Baby Beau and Belle will make finding the perfect newborn baby gift as effortless as falling in love with the new baby.

grayson baby boy suit

(The Grayson Baby Boy Suit, a perfect outfit for holiday-themed photoshoots.)

What Do You Get A Baby Who Has Everything?
New babies tend to get a lot of wonderful items, so try to find something they wouldn't already have. Why not get the boy you've in mind what every sharp-dressed little man needs: an adorable 3-piece suit? The dashing quilted Grayson baby boy suit makes any little boy look like a superstar! It's the perfect option for a baby's first christmas outfit. Paired with the jaunty Grayson newsboy cap and you will have the absolute winner Christmas Day photos. 

You can never go wrong with getting baby a super cuddly blanket or bunny. Or how about a special pacifier like the natural rubber Bibs pacifier available at Baby Beau and Belle. Imported from Denmark, these pacifiers are much better for your little one than those versions made of chemicals. As an added bonus, baby will love it and they come in beautiful colors to boot. And I'll bet your newborn does not yet have a Silly Bunny Buddy who will be a snuggle buddy and hold his pacifier too.


bibs pacifier holders

And don't forget a special gift for the new Mom! A spa day or meal delivery or even a subscription for audiobooks will make her Christmas dreams come true. Often everyone focuses on baby and Mom needs pampering too. Offer to babysit and let the new parents have a little break. You'll be their favorite friend for ages. You can never go wrong with a gift certificate for their local grocery store as everyone needs to stock up on baby food and diapers.

newborn holiday gift set
(The Holiday Newborn Romper on the left and Newborn Christmas Booties on the right)

What Is A Good Gift For A 2 Month Old Baby?
Why not try a delightful pair of red and green ribbon quilted baby booties, like the Merry Florals? The perfect Christmas shoes! Or get the full Merry Newborn set with the festive beribboned bonnet, booties, headband from our Baby's First Christmas Collection. It also has a soft matching bunny and a pacifier.

ella romper dress

Your sweet little baby would also look divine in the Ella Romper Dress. This lacy vintage dress will make her feel fabulous with a soft cotton lining.  And she will look like a tiny angel baby. You will be tempted to put her on top of the tree as she'll look so cute. But just take lots of photos instead and put her on your holiday card.

Other fantastic newborn baby gift ideas for parents are personalized blankets. Baby Beau and Belle has several different styles and options available. The Chloe Blanket is perfect for newborn little girl with pink floral embroidery and ivory edge lace. The crowning touch is your sweet baby's name embroidered in pink. For your baby boy, select the Grayson Quilted Blanket to match his new suit. Again, adding his name in embroidery makes it a truly heirloom gift. A one of a kind treasure no one else will have! 

Gwen Romper Dress

Are you still looking for more newborn baby gift ideas for parents? Still searching for a newborn Christmas outfit? Please feel free to browse the Baby Beau and Belle website for a lot more options for your newborn baby. Or feel free to chat online with our sales associates or call for expert baby outfit assistance. We have been dressing and styling newborn babies for special events for decades and will help you get just what your little one needs! We are so happy to assist you will sizing, styles, and much more.

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