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As you know, a baby experiences so many changes in their first year. Each month, they are getting bigger, more aware, more laughs, more mobile….the list goes on and on! To help remember each stage, it’s a wonderful idea to take monthly photos of your little guy or gal to help remember how they looked at each age…especially since that first year is so fleeting! Today, we’re so excited to share with you a beautiful series of photos by photographer Erin Wolczik. Erin took the sweetest photos of her little girl to mark her 6 month milestone. In an impromptu shoot, she used her daughter’s Clementine Dress & Bloomers; the same dress she wore for her christening just a few months before! Also, be sure to head over to Erin’s Site,, to see more of her beautiful photos. Just looking through her portfolio, you can tell she puts her whole heart into each and every photo she takes. Thank you again, Erin, for sharing this milestone with us!
Erin Wolczik- "I had been thinking about my daughter’s 6-month photo shoot for some time… it was just finding the right time to do it that was hard! One afternoon my son was napping and we were in her room. She was just over 7 months and it was now or never I figured. This was her christening dress from October and I knew she had to wear it again, even if for a just a few minutes. One of the pearls I wore on my wedding day, and another are my late grandmothers…so much sentiment in these photos!"
You can also follow Erin’s photography on Erin Wolczik Photography Facebook Page.

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